Verb Dash - multi-platform game developed by ASSIST Software
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Suceava, Romania





Main activities

  • 3D Game Development
  • iOS Game Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Web app development



Verb Dash is the first game of the English Attack language learning service which has been developed as a multi-platform application both for the web browsers and the mobile market. For the entire development cycle we used Unity 5 game engine due to its improved efficiency in creating 2D/3D games and its great multi-platform support.

For the web we used WebGL as the exported platform due to the fact that this new technology brings hardware accelerated graphics to the browsers without the need of any plugins. This will enable the creation of simple 3D/2D games and interactive tools on the web that will be more app-like: smother, simpler, faster and more responsive. At the same time the game has been developed for iOS and Android device and exported native applications.

Due to the multi-platform support the efficiency in the production is greatly increased due to the fact that one team develops the entire app without the drawbacks of a hybrid application especially from an optimization stand of point.

This project has been a milestone in using the latest technologies especially for creating interactive web content and getting comfortable with WebGL, a futureproof technology that its perceived as the next revolution in web content creation.

Paul Maliogne testimonial on ASSIST Software's services
Paul Maglione
CO-founder Entertainment Learning

This is to attest that for nearly a year now we have had a close relationship with ASSIST Software SRL, based in Suceava, Romania, for a range of product and service development issues related to our edutainment web service,

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