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Today, Cloud computing is everywhere. In its various forms, it is being adopted across all sectors. The massive growth of affordable computers, Internet broadband connectivity, and rich educational content have created important differentiations related to the way we perceive Education and ICT. 

School on the Cloud is a project aimed to change the whole system of education. It motivates and engages school and university students as well as unemployed people/ VET trainees and prepares them for employment.

The School on Cloud Project is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ program of the European Union and submitted under key action: development of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practice for lifelong learning, action type: network, with the project number: 543221-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-KA3-KA3NW.

The Network consists of 57 Partners, most of whom are leaders in their educational sectors. They represent 18 European countries (Greecee, UK, Romania represented by our company - ASSIST Software, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Belgium, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czechia, Turkey and Switzerland ) and include 10 Schools, 21 Universities, Companies, NGOs, National Authorities, Research Centres, Associations and Adult Education providers.

SoC is an ICT network with the main goal to develop new dynamic ways to educate.


  • Participants will share knowledge with one another and jointly develop new knowledge.
  • The project encourages teachers and educators to innovate creatively, using digital technology and resources.
  • Both teachers and students are encouraged to learn with this new technology. Just as students learn new technologies, teachers are helped to catch up with them.
  • It can dramatically increase opportunity for collaboration amongst learners and interaction with the teacher resulting into improved pedagogy.
  • It overcomes the existing gap between Education and Cloud computing.


  • Students are guided toward the application of knowledge through the development of class-related assignments, original research studies, creative projects, and action-oriented work that applies knowledge to personally meaningful areas of interest.
  • Teachers can use the cloud to set, collect and grade work online. They can teach from anywhere.
  • Students will have instant access to grades, comments and work via a computer, smartphone or tablet. They can work and learn at any time and anywhere they want.
  • Secured Access – Both teachers and students take benefit from a strong security system.
  • It will increase student engagement and motivation.

Some of the partners from School on the Cloud Project Consortium:

  Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union

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