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Lingua Attack is an extension of English Attack, the online platform that has helped over a million users to improve their English with engaging lessons and games based on real-world material from thousands of video clips.

What makes Lingua Attack different to English Attack is that in addition to English, it also offers three other languages: German, Spanish and French, with new types of exercises for complete beginners, as well as new exercises for those who want to improve their accent.

Lingua Attack platform was designed having in mind also the impaired people (visual and hearing disabilities) to help them to learn new languages, by integrating the RGAA3 standard in France that’s based on WCAG 2.0 international standard.

Also, Lingua Attack keeps users engaged with different types of challenges that allow them to gain more points and obtain badges by completing various skills. 

A challenge for us was to implement personalized dashboards for our users. The dashboard will suggest exercises and assignments for a user according to their preferences and level. 

The design of the English Attack is completely different in the new platform, now being more attractive and modern.

Lingua Attack offers some tests and the possibility to print certificates for those who want to test their language level. Also, if users come across a word/expression they do not know, the user can hover over it to get a translation in any language. The interface can be set to the user’s preferred language.

The new platform will be launched to the public in September. For now, we can offer you some screenshots of the platform. Stay tuned! 

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