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Scala Development and Consulting in Romania
Work with experienced Scala Developers from our dedicated Scala team to help bring your projects to life on time and within budget!

At ASSIST Software, we focus on building long-term offshore Scala development partnerships with clients all over the world. We take our customer feedback seriously and we are committed to meet and exceed their requirements and deadlines, and most importantly to ensure they are happy with the end product.

Our dedicated Scala development team designs and develops your new system, from decisions about technologies, libraries, and frameworks to project delivery. The experienced Scala developers at ASSIST have mastered frameworks such as Akka, Play, Slick and the technologies that have been used include Docker, AWS, Microservices, Functional Programming, NoSQL, Kafka, and RabbitMQ.

By working with ASSIST Software, our customers embrace the idea of change and gain a competitive market advantage while being helped with their digital challenges by our dedicated Scala development team.

As an offshore Scala development company from Romania, ASSIST Software focuses on delivering high-quality end products. Additionally, we are continuously seeking dedicated Scala developers who take their work to the next level. In this way, we can assure our clients of our top-quality software and our ability to always be prepared to handle new challenging custom Scala Development projects.

ASSIST Software is a one-stop software development company, where experienced developers offer custom development services for an entire project’s life cycle. We can help you in all stages of software development including prototyping, development, QA, deployment and product release.

Successful project built with Scala
ASSIST Software’s contribution to the project is the development of Sefaira’s corporate website, newsletter system, and the auto-scaling of the website on Amazon Web Services.
What our clients say
about what we do
  • " With great pleasure and deep confidence I may provide a strong recommendation for ASSIST Software SRL and their professional team for software development projects. As a senior consultant and software development project manager at IBM for many years I was asked (among other topics) for consultancy and recommendations in managing their software development processes. The process ... "
    Rainer Scharpegge testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Rainer Scharpegge

    Senior IT Advisor, Senior Expert Service

  • " ASSIST has been a highly-valued partner of Sefaira for more than a year. The team developed our corporate website and is also working with us on creating a support infrastructure for our customers. Working with ASSIST Team is a pleasure - they make working remotely very easy for us and it is almost like having them here in the office. I would especially highlight their very positive ... "
    Annete Burgard testimonial on ASSIST Software's services

    Annette Burgard

    VP of Marketing

  • " I worked with ASSIST to help with projects for, a startup specializing in big data analysis for revenue and marketing. We wanted to build robust, reliable, and simple to use applications for browser add-ins and for mobile phone OS. ASSIST team was skilled in developing proof of concepts, iterating through detailed design and deliverables. In the course of two years ... "
    Murali Krishnan opinion on the services and collaboration with ASSIST Software Romania

    Murali Krishnan

    VP of Technology

  • " ASSIST helped Ocrolus take a compelling vision and turn it into a compelling product. As a lean startup ASSIST provided the manpower and expertise to not only translate our vision into a robust product offering but also helped optimize our design and user experiences. Whenever we had a problem or inquiry, the ASSIST team was attentive and responsive. I am thankful that we engaged ... "
    Andrew Scarpitta picture for ASSIST Software testimonial

    Andrew Scarpitta

    Director Of Operations

Advantages of using Scala
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    Java Compatibility and Interoperability
    Scala is a versatile programming language. It can perform any programming task, from one-line commands in the Scala shell to large mission-critical systems. Scala allows compatibility and interoperability with Java, allowing developers to leverage the advantages of JVM and keep/use their Java libraries.
  • icon
    Powerful and Fast
    Scala is a highly-scalable general-purpose programming language, known as the next wave of computation engines due to its speed when it comes to data processing regardless of the size of the batch. Its ability to process event streams in real time makes it the best choice for fast data applications.
  • icon
    Native Actor Model
    With the advent of multi-core processors, concurrent programming has become indispensable. Scala takes advantage of this by providing a way of handling this natively by creating a mechanism of sending asynchronous and synchronous messages.
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    Community and Support
    Scala is a rapidly-growing language and lots of programmers have recently joined or are eager to join the Scala bandwagon. In the OpenSource community there are many new libraries and frameworks that are being built as we speak by Scala enthusiasts.
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    Loved by Giant Companies
    Used by many major companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb and Trimble, the Scala language comes in handy when it comes to processing big data.
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    Scala is free to use by an individual or a corporation. It runs on the free open-source Linux servers and works well with free servers and database systems.
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