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Suceava, Romania




Main activities

  • Analysis
  • Data organization
  • Design



The purpose of this project was to make available for the visitors of the two museums of Bucovina Village Museum and Regional Museum Of Folk Architecture Chernovtsy a smart multimedia device to guide them through the visit, providing extra information and images about each attraction point, audio guide to provide feedback and a interactive map that helps the visitors to navigate easier and provide information before they reach the desired objective.

The software development team included multi language support specific to the zones that is used (Romanian, English and Ukrainian). We integrated a touch screen tablet (running Android OS) that can provide video, text and audio guide for the visitors but also can be portable. To accomplish this we used the latest WEB technologies available like HTML5, mobile optimized frameworks.

Also we developed the CMS solution for all of the content to be administered by the museum staff using their web site content to be organized and to be added very easily on the devices.

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