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Nowadays, a very important aspect for businesses is to have a solution to track and locate the company's vehicles and employees through a GPS system.  

GPS ASSIST is a fleet tracking application that gives you up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including  email alerts based on parameters you set in advance.  

The objective of the GPS project is to help companies to lower costs, improve their activities and increase productivity.

The solution provided by ASSIST Software brings numerous advantages: it is very simple and easy to use the app, the user can receive email reports through the automated reports system and email notifications when an event occurs, for example when the car enters/exits the country, over speeds, doesn't have GPS signal or enters/exits the hotspot. 


  • Real-time GPS fleet tracking in a selected  time frame
  • Tracking routes, distances (km), running time and speeds 
  • Visualize the last visited location for every car  
  • Define points of interest easily 
  • Locate the nearest vehicle to a specific hotspot, or point of interest  
  • Get the information about vehicles which visit a hotspot, or a point of interest 
  • Check whether employees use the cars for personal purposes 
  • Define the schedule for one vehicle or for a group of vehicles 
  • Calculate the deviations of schedule or/and perimeter  
  • Get information about the locations where a vehicle was stationed more than the allowed time 


  • Locations - Offers information about the last known position of the car 
  • Track - View the track for all the cars or for one selected car 
  • Proximity - Offers information  about distances between vehicles and a specified address, point of interest, or hotspot
  • Reports - Allows you to view many reports about: Parking time, Road map, Daily activity, Current Location, Perimeter/schedule deviation, Hotspot, Speeds
  • Data management - Users can manage the information easily. They can add/edit and delete cars, drivers ,divisions , hotspots, etc through a friendly interface

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