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Inspiration by Education

Today ASSIST team has participated at popular radio show "Inspiration by Education" on Radio AS. The show theme was "Online Learning Platforms" where we present English Attack! E-learning platform. The public was presented with new innovative ways of learning English language by using movies, documentaries, music and latest news.

About English Attack

During the show we exposed the fact that the English Attack!;platform(available in 23 languages) is dedicated to students with all levels of English knowledge and also teachers, schools, universities and language institutes.English Attack! was created to solve the problem of insufficient exposure to English language of most people that learn a second language by providing an online resource based on entertainment, autonomy,motivation and educational functionalities.

The English Attack! platform offers over 1000 video clips (Video Boosters) from latest films, TV shows, news, music clips and documentaries; over 250 illustrated dictionaries (Photo Vocabs) based on a wide range of subjects while all the content can be exploited via a wide range of Practice Games that help exercise, reutilise and motivate users.

Radio Show on Radio AS

We already scheduled a new radio show in a few weeks to discuss more about English Attack! in business environment and foreign language centre.

Find out more about the English Attack! platform by listening the radio show!

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