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Insternships in Suceava Engineering Software Academy

1. Introduction: What is ASSIST Academy?

We are excited to introduce ASSIST Academy, our new education program designed for people interested in an outstanding software career path. Are you a software developer or looking for a career in software testing? We know that the success of our community is related to our own, and this is the reason we created a program dedicated to personal growth and career development. 

Read this article to find out why we started ASSIST Academy, how we work, and what we do to have a thriving IT community. You will find the necessary roadmaps and milestones to progress in your career, with stories to inspire and guide you from our colleagues.  

Whether you are a beginner, a high school or college student, or a professional in need of a change, we offer you the possibility of a journey to a successful career in the software industry.  

Please note that you do not have to be a software engineer to join our community. There are many non-technical roles in the industry, and anyone can become a member of our software Academy. Let us explain how. 

“In my first year of university, one of the best decisions I made was to participate in the Open Doors ASSIST 2019 event where I was able to fill out an application to participate in an internship that I was subsequently accepted to. 

The internship itself is like a gold mine. You have access to information and mentors who teach you like the hero in a fairy tale. You learn in two weeks as much as others learn in a year. But above the speed at which you acquire information, the quality of what you learn is superior; therefore, I learned from the finest how to do what I love in the best way. 

But not everything depends on others. You make your own success. For me, perseverance was the key to success. I persevered in what I was doing until I really got good at it.”

Gheorghiță Croitor



Our mission centers around a culture of continuous learning and development in the IT field. This creates an individual desire for progress, career-forwarding, and a collective effort for building a better organization and community. 

Our vision is to supply an accessible and personalized education process, driven by qualified individuals and collaborative planning. To meet our goal of continuous learning, we quickly adapt to the current and future trends of the software development industry in close relation to the needs of our organization and clients. 

2. Why should you want to be part of it?

  • ASSIST Academy helps you to gain skills in your preferred technology, therefore also boosting your confidence and kick-starting your career.  
  • ASSIST Academy has software development programs that are customizable and dynamic. You can choose your own pace of learning and adapt the schedule to your needs. 
  • ASSIST Academy is the most accessible software engineering program waiting for you! 

2.1 Story: ”I became a developer at 18 years old”

“I was in high school when I started thinking about a career in programming. During my junior year, my teacher sent me to a software company to see the way software engineers worked.  

After that, when I was in 12th grade, I bought a course on Udemy and I worked on it for three months. I worked on every project in the course. It was hard, especially since I had no feedback and no true understanding of the value of the projects with regards to their applicability in the software industry.  

At that time, my goal was to become an ASSIST Software developer, so I applied for an internship at the company. I was accepted.  

During the internship, what I had to do to have success was made clear by my mentor. I had my last Baccalaureate exam on a Friday and, the next Monday, I was hired as a front-end programmer.  

Soon after that, I started my university degree and since then, I have been working hard, balancing my studies and my job. It required hard work and determination, but my dream came true.” 

Andrei Vasilache


2.2. Story: QA and kinesitherapy

“In 2019, I started my career in kinesitherapy and it felt like something was missing. I like to help people and I worked hard but my efforts were not bringing me satisfaction.  

When my husband was hired by ASSIST, he started to tell me about his job. I thought to myself, “I can do that. It works for me, too.” So, I downloaded learning resources from ASSIST’s website and started learning.  

It was all new and it was hard to understand, so I failed my first test, but I decided not to give up. Whenever it got too hard, I reminded myself of my goal. I wanted to become an ASSIST QA tester.  

I trained myself to think only about what I had to learn and not stress about what I didn't know. Therefore, I took a second test, which I aced. I was called in for a summer internship and, long story short, I now work for ASSIST as a QA tester.  

It is elating. I love it. My software testing team is great, and I can now help people have a better life by contributing to the creation of outstanding software. 

I am proud of this story, of how I became a software tester in Suceava by taking a leap of faith and choosing career reconversion.”  

Lăcrămioara C.


2.3. Story: Software means a variety of opportunities

“I know people that have obtained degrees in Computer Science or in Informatics but are worried about their career paths. If you can’t see yourself as a software engineer, you believe there is no right job for you, but there are so many non-technical opportunities in the software industry, you’d be amazed.  

I am sociable and talkative. A traditional job as a software engineer wouldn’t have been for me. However, I still found my perfect place at ASSIST Software as a project manager. It’s exciting and motivating to work here because I love the IT industry. My studies in the university helped me but being a software development project manager allows me to do what I like.  

This means communicating, negotiating, building relationships based on trust, prioritizing, planning and estimating and teamwork are among my day-to-day tasks. Now, I can say that I have a career I really like and that feels very suitable for me. I built this career as a software development project manager on the foundations of a technical degree and ASSIST Software understood where my true strengths were.”  

Raluca C.


3. WHAT do we do to help you? 

At ASSIST Software, we offer a mix of educational events: certified courses, workshops, Play and Learn personal and professional development sessions, conferences, and technical challenges. 

For the tech community, we deliver opportunities. We put your knowledge to work through the Best Innovative Minds event, technical contest, individual/group internships, and personalized learning opportunities

4. What should you do? 

Learn about the industry. There are various career paths in software and not all of them involve programming and coding. Quality assurance, project management, leadership roles, or support roles might suit you. You’re welcome to share your dream career with us, at any time. 

5. How should you choose a career path? 

“I would advise anyone to try everything because sometimes, as it was in my case, you cannot tell what you are suited for.  

First, I tried a technology for games, and it was not for me. It felt monotone and I quickly fell into a routine. Soon, it was not interesting enough anymore. At the end of the day, I was exhausted and lost all motivation to go on.  

Then, I tried another technology, in a second internship and it felt different - hugely different. I found my place in the IT industry and now I am incredibly happy as a back-end developer.”

Radu Flocea


6. How to enter ASSIST Academy?

  • Depending on your career goals, you can choose from: 
  • Individual internship  
  • Group Internship 
  • High School Program 
  • Career Conversion Program 
  • Tech Challenges every 2 months 
  • Tech competitions 
  • Best Innovative Minds 

7. Come and learn with us!

7.1 How to be successful in the application process  

The path to a successful, lifelong career requires research, preparation, and passion. The first and last piece of advice we have for you is to prepare for the application process! However, our colleagues' stories prove that you can do it too.  

Should you apply for an internship, don’t be afraid to take on any software development project! There are many projects online and by building them, little by little, day by day you will already be walking on the way to success. 

7.2 How to apply  

An application is a key for the internship door. Be sure to write your CV with your reader in mind. We want to know about you, about your interests and favorite activities, so do your best to present them!  

Dates, places, employers - find a way to mention them. Of course, your hobbies are important too because in the event you join us, you may find some of them in ASSIST Clubs

List tutorials that helped you to understand your subject of study a little better. It is important for us to know how you transform your passion for software engineering through learning! 

Present your projects in detail: links, screenshots, and code should speak for you. It is better to have one good project than five bad ones.  

Now, you can start confidently. 


By now, we suspect you understood that ASSIST Academy is more than just a software, coding academy. Courses and exams are not the only focus. We offer complex learning experiences because we believe context, personality, and personal goals play a powerful role in defining one’s success. Do you want to start your career in IT? 

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