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Open Doors ASSIST 2020 - Online Edition

Tue, 10 Nov 2020

ASSIST Open Doors Event 2020 Online Edition


ASSIST Software is organizing the first online edition of Open Doors ASSIST, the biggest technology and engineering event for students in Suceava who are passionate about these subjects. For this year’s edition, we have decided to focus on satisfying your curiosities about the working processes in a real software company, and we will provide free learning resources for those interested in learning the basics about their chosen field (links will be provided during the live sessions). You will also get the opportunity to speak to people who started out as interns and are now employees at ASSIST, doing what they always dreamed of, and you will have the chance to ask them if the job they chose is how they imagined it before they started doing it.  


If you are interested in finding out about the experiences of our colleagues within the company, how to get accepted for an internship, and details about the projects we are currently working on, join us for the first online edition of the Open Doors Event, which will take place between the 24th and the 26th of November, on our YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channels. The theme of this year’s edition is “Hello, World! Roadmap to success!” and we will give you an insight into how things actually work behind the doors of a software development company. 

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The live sessions will begin at 5 pm each day on our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. By joining us, you will have the chance to meet some of our talented colleagues from the design, back-end, front-end, mobile & QA teams who will give talks on career guidance and job opportunities while giving a glimpse into ASSIST Software’s culture, projects, and departments. You will also be able to watch interviews with successful people in the industry and find out about our recently released mobile game. To make the experience as interactive as possible, after each subject is discussed, there will be a Q&A session that will give you the opportunity to ask questions to our speakers. 
Over the three days of the event, different subjects will be presented and discussed.  


Day 1 – Tech Day I Tuesday, 24th of November I 17:00 EEST

During the first day’s sessions, Inspiring Tech Stories will be shared by our colleagues, and there will also be some ice-breaking moments when myths will be busted, and hobbies will be discussed. You will also get the chance to interact with the team and the speakers in the subsequent Q&A sessions. Moreover, we will have a special guest from STATSports, one of our biggest clients, who will tell you what it is like to work in the world of sports and the challenges that come with developing gadgets and software meant to help the greatest athletes achieve optimal performance.


Day 2 – Career Day I Wednesday, 25th of November I 17:00 EEST

On Day 2, you will be introduced to the professional opportunities offered by ASSIST Software. Throughout this day, our colleagues will make sure you get familiarized with the company (how we grew over the last few years in terms of size, number of employees and knowledge, how our employees carry out their activities, etc.), how you can get access to our internship programs and how to adapt to the professional life you dream of, how to achieve your career goals (learning process, steps, progression path). Like in the previous day, day 2’s live meeting won’t be focused on technological aspects but rather mainly on the social part of these subjects. These discussions will be followed by Q&A sessions as well, where colleagues will give you their opinions and share their firsthand experiences. 


Day 3 – Behind the scenes of a video game I Thursday, 26th of November I 17:00 EEST

Day 3 is the last day of the event, and we have reserved it for a discussion about our recently released game: Elly and the Ruby Atlas. The team that worked on this game will go live to share their experiences and challenges they overcame, how they approached this project, and less technical details such as how they got to work for ASSIST Software, what they find most difficult when it comes to game development, etc. 


If you are a technology and engineering enthusiast or a professional passionate about the domain, sign up for free for the online ASSIST OPEN DOORS 2020 edition, and you will get the chance to have most, if not all of, your questions answered. 


Like in previous years, attendees will be able to enter a raffle. The winner will be announced on the last day of the event and must be online during the draw in order to claim the prize. All you have to do is sign up for free and apply for an internship position within our program. Besides the experience itself and all the accumulated information, the winner will receive an Apple iPad 7 with a 10.2” screen and IPS technology. 

You can sign up for the raffle until Thursday, 26th of November, 18:00 EEST.


So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join us! 
We look forward to seeing you connect on our YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook channels and joining us in our live meetings. 



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