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Elly and the Ruby Atlas – a free offline adventure RPG game by ASSIST Software

Fri, 21 Aug 2020

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ASSIST Software is proud to announce the release of a free-to-play offline mobile adventure game – Elly and the Ruby Atlas, developed in Suceava, Romania by local game developers. 

Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a Romanian mobile RPG game that puts you in the shoes of an explorer from the age of pirates and sea battles. 

> Download the game and play for free: 

1. The game 

Our colleagues from the Game Development department created a captivating pirate story and carefully developed a loveable main character. You play as Elly, the young captain of a carrack, who must trade and fight in order to bring a vile pirate to justice and recover a precious family heirloom. 
We focused on the player experience and for this reason, our adventure game developed in Romania is free to play and includes no micro-transactions. Travel to dozens of tropical islands, trade valuable goods and resources, win pirate battles, defeat enemies, and upgrade and customize your ship and equipment! The world is yours to discover! 

Game features:

  • Supply and demand trade system
  • Inventory and crafting systems
  • Travel and encounters stat-checks
  • Full ship customization and upgrade
  • Reflex based combat with gesture combos
  • Unique story missions
  • 40+ achievements
  • Completely free with NO in-game purchases
  • No in-game ADS
  • Can be played Offline
> Download the game and play for free: 

2. Let's get a closer look 

In terms of the narrative, we dive into the story of Elly, the daughter of famous Meridian conquistadors, who is on a mission to travel the seas and find an evil pirate lord. Play our offline adventure game and find out about Elly’s backstory and why she is determined to succeed in her mission. 
With a multitude of ports, each one with a unique story and exciting missions to complete, you will find the game to be a perfect blend between adventure, RPG, and storytelling. 
One of the functions that make our game so unique is the crafting and trading function. You are able to buy resources (wood, metal, sugar, etc.) from ports and sell them for profit and upgrades. With the extra money you earn, you can upgrade your ship by getting a bigger deck, larger sails,  better cannons, larger cargo holds, etc.. 
Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a video game developed in Romania born from a collective effort of eight months. In these eight months, our dedicated game developers put a lot of work and creativity into creating a Romanian adventure RPG game with an engaging story and memorable characters

3. Why you should play our offline RPG game

Elly and the Ruby Atlas is the second mobile game developed by our Game Development department in Suceava, the first one being HOOMAN INVADERS. Hooman Invaders can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple Store.
Unlike our previous Romanian video games, Elly and the Ruby Atlas is a much more complex game, aimed at a much older audience, as it challenges the player and requires strategic thinking. 
Meant for lovers of side-scrolling, beat'em up, pirate battle games, Elly and the Ruby Atlas will surely draw you in with the quest for treasure and immerse you in the amazing world of colonists, exploration and piracy.
If you are looking to support the Romanian gaming industry, and you want a challenging and free offline game, then Elly and the Ruby Atlas is for you! 
Ready to explore a new world? Bring your courage and your wits!  
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4. Kudos from our fans

Since its official release, Elly and the Ruby Atlas has taken on the world. Players from all around the globe have been playing and showing their appreciation for this Romanian mobile RPG.
Here are some of the gameplays from our enthusiastic players. Check them out to see how the game works:

If you just want to browse YouTube for Elly and the Ruby Atlas content, be sure to check out this link:



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