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Reforestation activity powered by ASSIST Software’s team

Tue, 22 May 2018


On April 21, 2018, to honor the Earth Day, ASSIST Software’s team united their forces once again and gathered to take part in a reforestation activity in Mihoveni. We have worked hard, side by side, heart by heart planting good deeds with the hope that we will change something. 

We needed to do something!

The massive deforestation made over the years had a devastating effect on the natural habitat which became very exposed and fragile. Because we love our country, our forests, our landscapes and our natural beauty we needed to do something! And we succeeded because we manage to plant tens of tree saplings.

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We had fun doing it

Moving to a cheerful register, we need to say that we had fun doing the reforestation activity. We talked, we laughed, and most importantly we learned to work together and respect nature. Moreover, this was a good lesson for the little ones who have learned how hard is to plant a tree and also how long it takes to a tree to grow.

Reforestation activity powered by ASSIST Software’s team

After so much work we took a well-deserved break which has been completed with a delicious barbecue and cheerful team games. As you can see this time, our team building was about taking care of nature and also having fun doing it. In fact, in this consists ASSIST Software’s culture which is based on trust, friendship, responsibility and hard work.


We like to think that our journey has been a point of inspiration for others and we wish that little by little something will change for better. Also, we need to thank the representatives of the Forest Park and the Forestry Directorate of Suceava for all the support provided in our reforestation activity.





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