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Honoring World Blood Donor Day at ASSIST Software

Mon, 03 Jun 2019

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1. Introduction

To honor World Blood Donor Day and raise awareness about the blood crisis facing Romanian hospitals, ASSIST Sofware in partnership with the local blood transfusion center, is organizing a blood donation campaign. 
The  "Ai sânge de salvator? Fii #MândruDonator!" campaign will take place between the 10th and 14th of June 2019 at the blood transfusion center in Suceava (Centrul Județean de Transfuzie Sanguină Suceava) and is targeted to anyone that complies with the donating description that can be read here.

2. “Heroes come in all types and sizes.”

The idea to organize a blood donation campaign came from some of our colleagues who are devoted blood donors. They explained the importance of blood donation, its benefits and also the fact that one unit of blood can save at least three lives, an impressive fact that left us speechless.  

They inspired us and taught us about the importance of solidarity between people and care for one another. We learned that anyone could be a hero just by being responsible and taking action.

3. The benefits of donating blood

It seems like saving three lives isn’t the only reward for donating blood. Some studies have shown that donating blood regularly lowers the risk of heart diseases and heart attacks reduces stress, improves emotional well-being and provides a sense of belonging. That sounds good, doesn’t it?
But that is not all! When you donate blood, you get free blood testing, a paid day off from work and food vouchers.

4. Join our campaign!

As we mentioned before, everyone is invited to join our cause and take part in this action. We believe in the power of our local community and we all benefit from/depend on its contribution to this cause. 
According to the National Institute of Haematology, one in ten patients in hospitals in Romania need a blood transfusion and sadly only 1.7% of Romanians are on the list of blood donors. This is a very small percentage compared to other European countries where the percentage reaches up to 10% - Denmark, 9% - the UK and 8% - Holland. Because of this, many surgical interventions are postponed and many patients cannot receive the necessary medical care. 
Sadly, this is a silent crisis, so we want to do what we can to spread awareness about this issue and encourage blood donation.  We must realize that we need to be united and take action in order to resolve this crisis. By taking part in this campaign, we can make a difference by helping those in need.

5. Be a drop in someone's ocean

At ASSIST, we believe that we have a common purpose: to improve daily, to make each other proud, and to support the local community. We are a local company, we owe everything to the community we were born in and we believe we should do our best to give back. We hope that this campaign will inspire people to get involved and show solidarity for those in need. 
Donate blood! Save Lives!
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