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2019 Year in Review - Best Moments at ASSIST Software

Tue, 24 Dec 2019

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1. Performance and education promoter 

The year 2019 was for ASSIST Software one full of challenges, achievements, and beautiful moments. We have learned a lot from each other and enjoyed working together on challenging and innovative projects. 

Also, we have been dedicated to promoting performance and education in our community by organizing and supporting sports events, student tech competitions, countless tech workshops at the local university and 70 free internships for students.  


2. Compassion towards the environment, nature, and those in need

At ASSIST we believe that we have a common purpose: to improve daily, to make each other proud, to support the local community and become true global leaders in what we do. We are a local company that owes everything to the community and we believe that supporting the well-being of a community includes helping others, taking care of the environment, maintaining social activities, and promoting a healthy lifestyle and a good civic education. 

The ASSIST Software team gave back to the local community, sharing compassion for those in need, nature, and the environment, giving a helping hand whenever needed. Some of the activities we were actively involved in this year include the reforestation campaign in Moldovita, the "Ai sânge de salvator? Fii #MândruDonator!" blood donation campaign, the internal campaign to support the “Casa lui Patrocle” Animal Shelter, and many other activities.


3.  Involvement in sports events 

The year 2019 also stands out for ASSIST Software’s involvement in sports events and competitions. Some of the sports events we participated in this year include the ASSIST Hiking Day in the Calimani Mountains and the Suceava Marathon.


4. Diversity and equality

We are promoters of diversity and equality and we are continually looking for new colleagues to join our team! This year, we were happy to welcome 27 new talented colleagues to our team and we came up with new initiatives to promote women in tech (21% of our colleagues are women).  


5. New friends, satisfied customers, and achievements

We had the opportunity to make new friends and promote our software services at international trade shows and tech conferences in Europe, North America, and Asia.  

After 27 years of hard work, ups and downs and lots of challenges, we have gained vast expertise, we have achieved high customer satisfaction and we have produced high-quality products. This year, we expanded our business portfolio with 12 new valuable clients and we worked on 47 amazing projects.

Also, we invested our passion for technology in 11 Research and Development projects and became true ambassadors of innovation. We worked hard to be the best at what we do and achieve excellence.  


6. ASSIST Software - Innovative Minds

For ASSIST Software, a highlight of 2019 was the internal contest "Best Innovative Minds”, which was a real success. Our colleagues managed to come up with innovative ideas and the finalist teams impressed the judges with functional presentations of their software and hardware projects with applicability in multiple fields such as health, green energy, forestry, security, and software development, using the latest technologies.  

We are grateful for all the beautiful moments 2019 gave us! Thank you to everyone that has helped make ASSIST Software what it is today!





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