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ASSIST Java Contest - Registrations open!

Tue, 13 Nov 2018

Are you a passionate Java coder? How about a contest that gives you the chance of winning fame and a 1000 Ron prize?
Challenge accepted? Sign up now! 
The ASSIST Java Contest is an online competition organized by the passionate Java team of ASSIST Software and takes place on November 24th, between 10:00 and 13:00, at
This is a unique opportunity to unleash your true potential and solve 3 custom made coding problems taking into account the contest rules that you can find here. The registration for the ASSIST Coding Challenge is FREE of charge.
As expected, the winner will not only gain 1000 RON in cash but a great deal of experience and fame in the Coding Universe. Furthermore, you will have a chance to meet our Java team.

I. FAQ about the ASSIST Java Contest!


I.1 Where do I register and what is the deadline?

The ASSIST Java Contest will take place online at 
Fill in the registration form, no later than November 23rd, 2018, at 23:59 p.m. You will receive the confirmation via email along with a private link for the competition. The link will become active when the contest starts, on November 24th, at 10.00 am. 


I. 2 What is the format of the contest?

All participants compete to solve the same set of tasks and the score you get on each task depends on how accurately you solve it.
There will be 3 Codewriting problems with a maximum score of 300. It is important that you understand the requirements of the algorithm and the fact that you have to write functions from scratch. The good news is, you have an unlimited number of submitting attempts! 
In the case of an equal score, the participant with lower time penalty is ranked higher. During tournaments, your time penalty is the time of your last score increase. So the user who reached the same score first will be ranked higher.


I. 3 What programming languages can I use?

During the ASSIST Java contest, you should only use Java. The participants who will use other programming languages will be disqualified. Be patient, other coding challenges are coming!


I. 4 The rules for the ASSIST Java Contest

  • The ASSIST Java Contest’s main purpose is to find out who’s the best Java coder in town and gather all the best coders together in a single competition.
  • The participants must register here before November 23rd, 23:59.
  • After registration, each person will receive a confirmation e-mail along with a private link for the CodeSignal contest. 
  • The contestant that solves the problems in the shortest amount of time and gain the most points (Max 300 points) will be declared the winner.
  • The ASSIST Java Contest is an online competition and it lasts a maximum of three hours. After three hours, the winner will be nominated by the platform.
Don’t forget to join the ASSIST Java Contest, before the 23rd of November, 23:59. 
Let the competition begin!




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