This article covers multiple programming concepts, including but not limited to: inheritance...

 How to use and extend the WordPress REST API - Iacob Frunze ASSIST Software - Promoted image

PHP, REST API, WordPress, Backend

How to use and extend the WordPress REST API

REST API is a particular architectural approach for putting together a set of rules defined for its interaction with the wider world, which govern how other...


Nowadays we have a lot of devices that we use to access the World Wide Web (such as smartphones, tablets, computers and so on). That's why the web must be...

Best Innovative Minds 2018 Finalists - ASSIST Software - Promoted Image

Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, 3D Design, Machine Learning, Front-end, Innovation, Ruby

Best Innovative Minds 2018

Best Innovative Minds 2018, the most awaited and important internal software competition within ASSIST Software was held on the 7th of December 2018. 

Redux Basics for Beginners - Promo photo

Technologies, JavaScript, Front-end

Redux Basics for Beginners

Redux is a library that works great with single page applications. It is often used with React because they go together very well, but it is also compatible with other...

Is AI a threat to mankind? ASSIST Software - Promoted image

Artificial Intelligence

Is AI a threat to mankind?

Twentieth-century sci-fi movies and books drove people to fear becoming slaves or being destroyed by what is called Artificial Intelligence (AI). It’s a good subject for a...


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