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Suceava, Romania


Main activities

  • UI/UX
  • User Research
  • Continuous Integration
  • dev Ops
  • Data Privacy
  • Hardware communication
  • Architecture
  • Business Logic
  • Azure Provisioning
  • Cross-platform compatibility


C#.NET.NETCorexUnitMicrosoft AzureiOSSiftSwiftUIAndroidJavaJavaScriptNodejsAngularIonicAWSServerlessBLEUWB

ASSIST has been a technological partner for STATSports since 2015, delivering a series of digitally varied applications by providing product design, software development, project management and quality assurance services. 

STATSports is the world's leading performance wearable technology, used by the world's top football clubs, including Manchester United, Liverpool, Juventus, and PSG. The world’s best players use the product, including Ronaldo, Messi, and Mbappe. STATSports also operates in a number of other sports, including some of the biggest sporting names in the world, such as The All Blacks, India Cricket, and New York Yankees. They operate in over 60 countries, with 700 of the world’s best sports teams. 

The main challenge of the first product we developed - the APEX Live tablet app, was to enable managers to view APEX training data in real-time for instant decision-making. We implemented this in the iOS tablet app by leveraging Bluetooth and Ultra-Wide Band communication channels to the beacons. The application performance was also highly optimized, working with frequencies up to 10 times per second. The application can display live data for the entire squad and individual players. The manager can create different drills and groups of players to monitor independently. An offline-first approach supported training sessions in remote areas with bad connectivity.  

After the success of the Elite Tablet App, we helped STATSports expand to the amateur consumer market. ASSIST Software built the mobile applications and the AWS cloud infrastructure for the consumer version of the app. 

ASSIST kept offering team augmentation services for ongoing projects, including the newly revamped Sonra cross-platform Angular web app, wrapped in Electron and using a local microservices-based architecture. A challenge was ensuring cloud data isolation for each club as its transfer and sync for Sonra were different from the consumer app’s ecosystem. 

The third expansion initiative was also one of the most successful – a hybrid coach app for sports academies, where we worked as one team (STATSports on the front end and ASSIST on the logic & network).  
The coach app aggregates and manages data from multiple consumer applications - coaches are now able to access the data from consumer users, set up training schedules, and compare players' performances between players. 


Our cooperation with STATSports is one of our most fruitful but one that also came with its challenges - from the multitude of technologies that we had to use, manage, and introduce their team to, syncing with the hardware team and sports scientists equally, to managing communication remotely for extended periods and knowing when to add in-person workshops. But the results are also some of our most valued:  

-  Worldwide professional exposure, actively adding business value along the way. 

- Being one of the first companies to develop an app using Apple’s SwiftUI (and demo at an exclusive Apple event in Paris). 

- Participating at MWC Barcelona alongside STATSports, where we promoted our services at the same stand. 

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