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Autisma is a digital assistant embedded into a game designed to improve cognitive, communication, and memory skills for children aged 5 to 12 that are affected by such disorders. 

1 out of 59 children is diagnosed with a disease from the autism spectrum. All people affected by such a disorder show a lack of verbal and non-verbal communication as well as social interaction.

The app was developed based on the well-known therapy methods ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) and Logopedia (a digital speech therapy tool), researched in collaboration with therapists from Help Autism Suceava.

ASSIST Software - Autisma project - Applied Behavioral Analysis

These were the technical goals of the project: 

  • developing an app that changes the content dynamically, based on user progress; 

  • delivering a highly customizable user experience; 

  • creating a multi-user app that also provides doctors with a set of data about each user, that can be used to tailor better therapy sessions; 

  • building a modular app that can be improved upon with ease. 

ASSIST Software - Autisma project - application modules

The features of the Assistant module are as follows: 

  • dynamic generation of game objects based on user progress; 

  • handling of teaching objects; 

  • animations that respond to player input; 

  • an assistant that says the name of the object once it’s correctly guessed. 

ASSIST Software - Autisma project - third game

Figure 1

The first game (see figure 2) is a matching game that aims to help users improve their memory and awareness skills

ASSIST Software - Autisma project - Character customization

Figure 2

The third game (see figure 3) aims to help users improve their communication and social skills, improve their pronunciation, and to learn new words

Autisma is designed to be a fun repetition-based app that aims to improve the quality of day-to-day life for children affected by autism

Some advantages of the app include the following:

  • cheaper than traditional therapy sessions; 

  • designed both for home/individual use and for help centers; 

  • easy to export for multiple platforms. 

ASSIST Software - Autisma project - first game

Figure 3


User module 
designed from the get-go with multi-user/profile in mind each profile has it’s a particular set of settings:

  • reward type 

  • favorite color 

  • volume setting

  • language  

  • session time

AI and assistant module

  • dynamic generation of game objects based on user progress 

  • handling of teaching materials/objects 

  • increasing/decreasing game difficulty 

  • an assistant that speaks out the object once it's correctly guessed 

  • animations that respond to player input

IBM Watson module

  • real-time speech processing (English) 

  • generation of assistant’s voice

Therapy module 

game 1. match-two type mini-game 

  • increasing/stimulating memory 

  • stimulating awareness 

  • small doses of rewards

Therapy module 
game 2. association game

  • learning what object belongs in which room

  • learning what food different animals eat

game by talking with the assistant 

  • increasing speech and social skills 

  • improved pronunciation -learning new words 

  • visual and audio rewards

Doctor module 

  • all objects have multiple tags/attributes 

  • a score will be kept for each object, for data analysis 

  • said data can be used to better tailor therapy sessions 

  • behavior patterns could be observed by viewing the data (the user usually fails to match objects that are red)


Impact on our community 

Autisma is designed to be a fun repetition-based app that aims to improve the quality of day-to-day life for children affected by the autism spectrum.

  • meant to be cheaper than traditional therapy sessions

  • designed both for home/single use or for help centers

  • easy to export for multiple platforms

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