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Suceava, Romania





Main activities

  • Android Application Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • Display Handler Development
  • Display Firmware Development


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The AudioByte SuperHUB represents the zenith of standalone native I2S streaming, now on the cusp of production completion. Our dedicated team has invested extensive effort into refining every aspect, ensuring this SuperHUB stands out in terms of superior audio quality and streaming capabilities. It boasts cutting-edge digital signal conditioning, featuring both upsampling and effective jitter reduction, underpinned by AudioByte's exclusive FPGA technology.

Our focus extended to crafting and fine-tuning the graphical interface for the display, as well as developing bespoke iOS and Android applications tailored for seamless device interaction. Additionally, we engineered a sophisticated handler to streamline communications between the display and device API.

Among the project's most formidable challenges was devising a method to update the display's firmware via serial connectivity, a feature not inherently supported by the display's manufacturer. Equally demanding was implementing the design on the display, given its inherent limited functionalities. These endeavors underscore our commitment to delivering a state-of-the-art I2S streamer that sets new standards in the audio streaming domain.

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