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First Aid Training at ASSIST Software with Red Cross Suceava

Tue, 25 Jun 2019

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1. Do you know how to give first aid in case of emergency?

On the 8th and 22nd of June, ASSIST Software organized two sessions of First Aid and CPR Training with the help of  Red Cross Suceava. During those two sessions, ASSIST Software employees had the chance to learn a lot of useful skills that can be used in emergency situations. 
The main aim of this first aid course was to ensure that the participants knew how to react in emergencies to ensure the health and safety of others.

2. How did it go?

In the two sessions of the first aid courses, our colleagues had the opportunity to learn about the theoretical and practical elements of giving first aid in case of drowning, blackouts, minor burns, bone fractures and many other types of emergency situations.
Moreover, they learned about what first aid kits contain and how to use their contents, how to perform CPR, use an automated external defibrillator, bandage injuries, and control blood flow.
Our colleagues were very eager to learn about giving first aid and did not hesitate to ask questions.
First Aid Training at ASSIST Software with Red Cross Suceava - cover photo

3. Be informed, save lives!

In Romania, not everybody places value on this type of training, but it is important because knowing how to react in emergency situations can save lives and precious time for the authorities in charge. 
Simple things such as knowing how to stop bleeding, how to do CPR, or how to put a wounded person in the safety position can save lives. 
ASSIST Software understands the importance of first aid courses and the fact that investing in these types of training also invests in our society.
First aid and CPR save lives, particularly where there are serious injuries and the situation is critical. First aid training courses such as those given by Red Cross Suceava give participants the knowledge and confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear or confusion. First aid courses shouldn't be optional – they should be mandatory!

4. Sincere thanks!

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Red Cross Suceava, which provided us all the support we needed to organize the first aid sessions at ASSIST Software. 
We would like to thank them and to congratulate all the participants for becoming unofficial health and safety risk managers.




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