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ASSIST Software supports USV students in building a new website for TPL

Thu, 26 May 2022


Students from the “Ștefan cel Mare” University of Suceava (USV) took up the challenge of developing a modern website for the local public transportation operator (TPL) during a competition where ASSIST Software specialists were part of the jury. 


The competition, which took place last week, was open to 4th-year students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (FIESC). The main objective of the competition was to build a new website for the public transportation services in Suceava. The USV students worked in teams to develop and present original projects to support the development of the local community.  


ASSIST Software specialists contributed to this initiative by guiding students in realizing the projects. Moreover, some of our specialists were part of the jury. ASSIST Software and ”Stefan cel Mare” University constantly collaborate on various software development projects to help FIESC students develop their skills and boost their career prospects.   


A new website for TPL  


Eighteen teams of students signed up for the competition and set out to create a modern, interactive website that would provide all the necessary information for the public (bus routes and schedules, ticket prices, FAQs, etc.) Each project was presented and tested in the presence of ASSIST Software specialists and TPL representatives. 


The students demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and excellent programming skills, making it difficult for the judges to choose the best proposal. Although the projects had the same objective, the approaches proved to be very different. Each project stood out for its originality, new ideas, and useful features.   


The ASSIST Software community is impressed by the students’ accomplishments. We look forward to working with them again in the future and we encourage them to apply for one of our available jobs


A valuable initiative for students and the community  


This project has numerous beneficiaries. First and foremost, all local community members will benefit from the simplified access to public transport information. TPL Suceava will also benefit from the modern digital infrastructure. Last but not least, the students who carried out these projects have successfully met the challenge of combining theory with practice. So, the knowledge gained from this experience will give them a good start for a career in software development!   


This initiative is already in its second edition, and we hope it will continue in the coming years. Last year's competition resulted in a new website for Direcția Agricolă Județeană Suceava (Suceava County Agricultural Directorate) to help agricultural producers in the local community.   


ASSIST Software congratulates the students from ”Ștefan cel Mare” University for their participation and results. We are proud to have such well-trained young people passionate about technology in the local community. Through our partnership with USV, we aim to create a thriving environment for students and graduates and provide them with real opportunities to build a career in IT.   


Find out more about the competition in the article published by Monitorul de Suceava



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