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ASSIST Software supports disadvantaged pupils to study online (amid the COVID-19 pandemic) 

Wed, 03 Jun 2020

ASSIST Software supports disadvantaged pupils to study online (amid the COVID-19 pandemic) - The boxex with laptops have arrived at the social center

For Children’s Day, the  ASSIST Software team, in partnership with the  Maria Ward Social Center from Rădăuți, Suceava county decided to help 50 children coming from families with limited material means, to enable them to study online while schools are closed.  

The  COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s lives, but one of the most affected demographics is children coming from poor families. The pandemic closed all the schools in Romania and moved all the courses online. Unfortunately, these children don’t have the material means necessary, such as a computer, a phone, or an Internet connection, in order to connect with their teachers and classmates. 

We believe that education is one of the most prized gifts we can give to children because it gives them the tools to dream for a good life and build themselves a better future

ASSIST Software has donated 1000 euros to the Maria Ward Social Center in Radauti, to which we add individual contributions from various employees. This money has been used for the acquisition of laptops for the 50 children at the center.  We have also started an online campaign where people are invited to donate towards this cause.

From now on, all these children will be able to attend the online courses, communicate with their teachers and classmates, and maybe get a sense of normalcy in these challenging times. 

In order to celebrate the acquisition of the 4 new laptops, the children at Maria Ward Social Center started a surprise Zoom conference with Gheorge David, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, at ASSIST Software, where they thanked us and showed us how happy they are to be able to start the online classes.

We believe that as members of the community, we have the responsibility to provide support and show solidarity and compassion for vulnerable people. Our team realizes that the children of today will build tomorrow’s future and we want to help by offering them the resources and chances they need to achieve their dreams.  

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the  Maria Ward Social Center from Rădăuți to come to the aid of children in need. We promise to further support their cause!  

Suceava, it's time to be united, responsible, and supportive. 



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