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MEDIEVAL WEAPONS - DYNAMIC DAMAGE 3D Package available on the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace

Thu, 04 Feb 2021

Medieval Weapons Pack ASSIST Software


ASSIST Software continues the series of Unity Engine and Unreal Engine assets with the release of the “Medieval Weapons Package”. 

Procure your own medieval weapons pack, ready to be integrated into your 80’s medieval-themed game, from the Unreal Engine Marketplace and Unity Store!

The Medieval Weapons - Dynamic Damage pack is a high-quality FPS weapons pack with a total of 35 AAA quality models grouped into 7 packs. All models have two PBR textures set at 4K each, one for standard models and one for damaged models.
Each model also comes with a dynamic damage material, which can be used to create a smooth and realistic transition between the two states. The custom damage shader only supports standard rendering pipelines. The ranged weapons have reloading and fire animations.

The Medieval Weapons - Dynamic Damage pack provides users with top-quality 3D models suited for FPS games and VR simulations. For example, the assets can be used in the contexts of a medieval-themed game or a VR presentation within a museum.
A key feature of this pack is the fact that the weapons are provided with a smart material-based damage system as well as unique textures to showcase damage/wear. This feature is thus both practical and effective in that the same 3D assets are used to perform real-time transitions between the two states: non-damaged & damaged.

Swords pack (~2000 to 5000 polygons):
• Claymore
• Knight’s Bastard Sword
• Lowlander Sword
• Saracen Scimitar
• Viking Sword


Axes pack (~1000 to 4000 polygons):
• Bardiche
• Battle Axe
• Double Headed Axe
• Gotland Viking Axe
• Ottoman Axe

Shields pack (~1000 to 4000 polygons):
• Knight’s Shield
• Kite Shield
• Coat of Arms Shield
• Templar Shield
• Viking Shield

Daggers pack (~1500 to 3000 polygons):
• 14th Century Dagger
• Crusader Dagger
• Medieval Knight’s Dagger
• Persian Qajar Khanjar
• Viking Dagger

Maces pack (~1500 to 3000 polygons):
• German Mace
• Gothic Flanged Mace
• Norman Mace
• Short LARP Mace
• Spiked Morningstar

Spears pack (~1000 to 3000 polygons):
• 14th Century Lance
• Bill Halberd
• Celtic Spear
• English Halberd
• Knight’s Halberd

Ranged weapons pack (~1000 to 8000 polygons):
• 14 Curved Crossbow
• Heavy Crossbow
• Large Slingshot Crossbow
• Longbow
• LARP Bow

The credit for the creation of the Medieval Weapons - Dynamic Damage pack goes to ASSIST Software’s Game Development department, whose graphic designers and developers put passion, creativity, and hours of hard work into the product in order to ensure the realism and high quality that our assets are known for.

→ Get the Medieval Weapons - Dynamic Damage pack for a special price from the Unity Store and Unreal Engine.




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