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First Aid Courses for the ASSIST team

Tue, 03 Aug 2021

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ASSIST Software is proud to have organized a first aid course at the end of July. Due to high demand, the participants were split into two groups so that each participant could focus on their tasks, ask questions and interact in a manner that ensured the understanding of each technique.;

The first group met on the 24th of July. They learned how to help somebody that is facing a health emergency the course being taught by a representative from the Red Cross. The specialist, Andrei Tailup, demonstrated first aid maneuvers and spoke about the importance of obtaining such knowledge.;

The training session took five hours so the participants could take their time practicing with the CPR manikins and first aid kits brought specially for the session. Thus, the course was not just theoretical; the practical aspect of it was even more important and helped clarify the notions learned, aiding all those present to remember the exact processes step by step.   

The emergency situations covered by the trainer ranged from low-risk ones like minor burns to life-threatening ones like massive blood loss or cardiac arrest. Thus, our colleagues now know how to react correctly in a crisis and how to confidently help a victim, without fear of causing more harm than good.   

This training course is not the first one ASSIST has organized at its headquarters and we can certainly say that it will not be the last. Another group of our teammates will take part in a similar course in September 2021.  

Thanks to the Red Cross First Aid course, our team reached another milestone in its personal development roadmap, proving once again that here at ASSIST, we put others first and we wish to actively be able to help others if the situation arises.   



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