Real-Time Weather Plugin for Unity - ASSIST Software (promo)

C#, Gaming, Innovation

Real-Time Weather Plugin for Unity

The Real-Time Weather Plugin for Unity is an efficient tool to obtain real-time weather data in Unity and process the data to simulate a full environment...


The fact that testers and programmers have different mentalities is already clear, discussed and known. It goes without saying that testers look at different products than...


As the title suggests, the scope of the project was to create a game-ready, high-quality, complex 3D character, to be deployed and animated in a wide range of game engines and...

 ASSIST Software - Best Innovative Minds 2019 - promoted picture

Artificial Intelligence, Innovation, 3D Design, Machine Learning, Front-end, Innovation

Best Innovative Minds 2019

The most important and anticipated software competition at ASSIST Software, Best Innovative Minds, took place on the 6th of December, 2019. This competition is...

We are currently witnessing the onset of a new paradigm that is going to revolutionize in a fundamental way the Science, Engineering, and Technology of tomorrow. This...
How to use Redux in an Angular application - ASSIST Software - promoted image

Technologies, Javascript, Front-end

How to use Redux in an Angular application

Redux is a reactive state management library developed by Facebook and used in the React library. This library is based on the Flux pattern. The main difference between Flux...


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