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Twenty years ago, a mobile phone was perceived and used as a single-purpose device: making phone calls while on the go. Nowadays, with the explosion of apps and media for mobile devices, the phone part of smartphones has quickly become the least... read more
We understand that a pleasing visual design is essential for aesthetics and practicality. Our designers and programmers have a great sense of style and a thorough understanding of web standards. ASSIST Software has experience in providing the... read more
Modern businesses rely on database systems to store information and make it accessible to the right people throughout the organization. ASSIST has many years of experience designing these systems for companies across the USA and beyond. ASSIST can... read more
Cloud Business Platform, or how to get a remarkable competitive advantage and efficiency using cloud computing technology. Cloud computing has dramatically changed the way businesses operate today. Thus, companies have the opportunity to work with... read more


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In this post we explore one way of keeping the application structured in a logical way, easy to understand and maintain, and serving the application to the browser in one single file. more

Presentation of some of the most useful Scala libraries and frameworks which help ASSIST Software engineers to develop highly scalable applications that support concurrency and non-blocking. more


Founder and Managing Director, Strasmax

After collaboration that started nine years ago, we know now about their ability to implement applications. ASSIST Software always understood firmly the requirements and were able to implement the applications. The quality of project management and implementation of the systems were excellent. more

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The DURAFILE project aims to develop a platform to create a common infrastructure that will facilitate the interchange of digital preservation plans for multimedia files.

Barcelona, October 2013 – Digital preservation has been recognised as a need related to the preservation of cultural heritage and information for the
public and healthcare sectors. more

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