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Successful completion of the BladeSave H2020 project

Fri, 04 Sep 2020

 Successful completion of the BladeSave H2020 project - header image

ASSIST Software is proud to announce that, after a three-year-long collaboration, the Horizon 2020 project – BladeSave – has come to an end, generating outstanding results.  

Five extraordinary partners embarked on a journey to develop an innovative solution for wind turbine blade monitoring, designed to maximize component lifespan and minimize turbine downtime, by detecting flaws in the blades at an early stage.

Renewable Advice Ltd, TWI, Emergya Wind Technologies B.V., ASSIST Software and Smart Fibres combined their expertise to create a fusion between Fibre Optic Structural Health Monitoring System, having multi-sensing capabilities (strains, vibrations and acoustic emission), and WindManager, a blade management software.

In doing so, the data from inspection and maintenance is linked to structural health monitoring data, in order to provide a comprehensive solution for wind turbine blade monitoring, repair, and management.  

Turbine blades are susceptible to fatigue failure, lightning strikes or structural cracks, which can propagate and incur significant costs and even blade replacement if they are not dealt with in time. The early detection capabilities of the BladeSave system, confirmed by the extensive testing performed by the consortium, ensure a maximization of component life span and minimization of repair costs and turbine downtime.  

ASSIST Software has a great sense of pride and satisfaction for having had the opportunity to work alongside remarkable experts on the BladeSave H2020 project. The consortium will continue to promote the BladeSave system among wind farm owners and operators, wind turbine manufacturers, and service providers.

Find out more about this ambitious project, check out the official website of the project here.


Partners of the BladeSave Project Consortium:

  Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Union



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