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Open Doors ASSIST at Petru Rareș National College. See how it was!

Fri, 11 May 2018


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1.    Introduction

ASSIST Software has organized a new edition of the Open Doors ASSIST event, on the 8th of May 2018, at Petru Rareș National College from Suceava, which is considered the first college in the ranking of high schools in the county. Although we have organized such events so far, this was for us a new and pleasant experience because this time we presented in front of over 150 high school students. 

This event was born from our desire to discover and understand young minds and also from our wish to share and present interesting IT perspectives. So, for more than five hours we enjoyed the presence of tens of attendees who interacted with the ASSIST team and participated with enthusiasm in the presentations delivered by our colleagues. 

Interesting presentation sustained by an ASSIST Software employee in front of the pupils

2.    Interactive and innovative presentations

Our journey was planned in two stages so, from 10:00 to 12:00, our colleagues Gabriel Tironeac – Head of Game Development and Alexandru Boca – Head of Mobile Development, presented two themes: Gaming behind the scenes and Coding for Sport Stars which were very appreciated by the students and from 14:00 to 16:00 another two colleagues: Petru Cioată - Head of Ruby Development and Adrian Onu - COO presented the themes entitled: Voice Interfaces in Everyday Life and Cyber(In)security: Hacking Stories which also aroused curiosity and interest. 

3.    YouTube contest for the Open Doors ASSIST participants

We also wanted to create and maintain a nice and entertaining atmosphere so, within this event, we organized a YouTube contest with prizes where the students were supposed to scan our site QR code, enroll in the contest and then subscribe to our YouTube channel. So, at the end of every stage of our event, we announced the big winner of the prize-winning raffle. The awards consisted of two On-Ear Philips Bluetooth Headset and have been won by two lucky girls who participated in the contest.

Representative of ASSIST Software sustaining presentations in front of the pupils

4.    Our thoughts on Open Doors ASSIST at Petru Rareș National College in Suceava

As a general note, we think that Open Doors ASSIST was a real success and one of the main factors that contributed to this was the curious audience, which pushed us to be better and to offer them an interesting but also entertaining experience. We tried to convey to them the team effort of putting together a project and then step by step taking it to the next level. We also tried to give the students a short break, while checking out our projects, by offering them cakes, crackers, candy, and drinks, and we like to think that we managed to create and maintain a warm, relaxing atmosphere.

5.    Special thanks to our partner 

We hope that our initiative was well received and also appreciated by the students. Also, we are grateful to the high school director who supported our idea and made it happen. 
It will always be a great pleasure coming back to Petru Rareș National College from Suceava.




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