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Games on Facebook Study

Mon, 17 Feb 2014

Games on Facebook Study-ASSIST Software Romania

Love Plus, one of the leading players on the condom market, announced the launch of a Facebook application game "Love Factory" produced entirely in Romania, which will be available globally.

"For the Love Plus, this project means innovation. This is not a project to promote aggressive sales campaign or for a limited period, but an innovative way of interaction with the public and reaffirmation of Love Plus brand personality," said during a press conference Lia Vasilescu, Brand Manager, Love Plus.

The application was made following a market study which showed that the existing games on Facebook, Farmville is the most popular among both women and men, however, if we analyze the preferences in the categories of gaming, women are the fans of the type of Farmville / Cityville, and those simple, like bubble/cubes, while men prefer sports games and poker.

The main reason for those who choose to play on Facebook is that games are a fun way to spend time, and this holds true regardless of gender, age and city size. Moreover, if men are attracted to competition with your friends or other players (61.1%), always trying to get the best score, women seek interaction with friends and a desire to not fall behind.

The main source of information about the game for all players is the recommendations/friend invitations. In addition, women are more influenced by Facebook ads (55.8%), while men prefer to find out for themselves or on other sites.

The "Love Factory" game was developed over a year of Love Plus team, along with Black Sea Social Game Designer - Digital Cookies and local development company Assist Software. With this project, the company aims to attract players from all over the world, not only in Romania.



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