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CONTEST! Win a Paid Internship in Game Development, April 24th - May 8th 2017

Mon, 24 Apr 2017

contest-paid-internship-game-development-ASSIST Software

Are you a passionate gamer? Show us you are the best and you`ll get a Paid Internship in our Game Development department! Challenge accepted? Sign up now!
Play Hooman Invaders tower defense game, be the first in the leaderbord and the Internship is yours!

Download for free Hooman Invaders tower defense game and play until at the end of the contest (May 8th) you are the first one in the leaderboard! 
Google Play:
App Store: 

Please read Terms and Conditions, before you enroll in the contest.

Tips&Tricks for achieving the highest rank in Hooman Invaders - Horde Leaderboards

  1. Download the game from Android or iOS market.
  2. Create an online account with Facebook or with email.
  3. Play the campaign missions to unlock powerful new towers and spells
  4. Play ”horde mode” with all the towers and spells unlocked from the campaign  
  5. Try different strategies and tower combinations to fight back the endless waves of invaders and achieve the highest score in the leaderboards.

The best player gets the prize: 1* PAID INTERNSHIP in Game Development at ASSIST Software Suceava!

The winner will join our Game Development team for 2 weeks and will learn from our experts who developed Hooman Invaders, everything about the fascinating world of game development.

More details about the game:  

* Participants must be at least 16 years of age on the date of the contest. High school or University students.
* Only those who send their contact details will be enrolled in the contest. 
* The winner will be chosen only between those who enrolled in this contest.




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