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ASSIST Open Doors 2017 - Discover how it was!

Thu, 23 Mar 2017



We are proud to announce that the 9th edition of ASSIST Open Doors event was a great success. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to interact with more than 300 young and talented students interested in learning more about the newest technologies and the attractive projects conducted by ASSIST Software. 

Once again students of Stefan cel Mare University in Suceava helped us break all our records. People showed up early in the morning and therefore at 11.00 AM the hallway in front of Dimitrie Leonida Amphitheatre was full of students interested to discover the insights of our company and discuss about our most important projects with our team. 
We presented 8 of our most important projects at the workshops in the hallway of building D and a total of 240 minutes of talks with 18 speakers in the Amphitheatre Dimitrie Leonida. We are sure this could not have been possible without the help of the audience which was full of enthusiasm and lusting for knowledge. Another great achievement was the record of internship applications, a total of 150 for this edition. We are so enthusiastic to see that young students are eager to become a part of our team and benefit from our internal learning program.

Interactive workshops and innovative technical presentations

For the workshops in the hallway which took place from 11.00 to 13.00, we exposed very attractive stands for each project, with big screens, brochures and promotional materials, video presentations and innovative gadgets. Our members enjoyed sharing their experience with every young person and reveal more about their role in a specific project and the skills and abilities they developed during their experience as an employee of ASSIST Software. Moreover, students had the chance to see live demonstrations of 3D design and learn directly from our artists who created the graphic design of the Hooman Invaders tower defense game.

For more than 4 hours, we revealed the stories behind our most important projects and the skills a tech student needs in order to achieve a successful career in IT. We were amazed by the numerous people who attended the „Free Speeches” sessions that were organized for the first time this year. Our specialists talked about their experience using JavaScript Ecosystem and 3D Modeling and offered innovative perspectives to different situations. From 13.00 to 15.00 our professionals delivered technical presentations about Scala, Rails and other interesting technologies, offering in the same time live demonstrations of coding. The stars of the ASSIST Open Doors event were the football stars: Messi, Ronaldo, and Ibrahimovic whom roles were played by some of our talented colleagues. The audience welcomed their presence and enjoyed with curiosity every moment of their presentation. Our colleagues presented some important contributions they made for the performance of these football stars and succeeded to convince the audience about the important role that software technologies can have in sports player`s performance. 

Students who attended our presentations asked many challenging questions and offered surprisingly smart solutions to the issues our speakers raised to the audience. We appreciated the curiosity expressed through many interesting discussions and the unbelievable strength and patience to engage with us for more than 4 hours. We loved to interact with each and every person and reward them with small prizes for their courage and engagement. We succeeded to create a friendly, warm environment together with our audience. We offered free pizza, coke and cookies to all our guests and enjoyed every second in their company. 


Prize the winner!

At the end of the event we announced the big winner of the prize-winning raffle we organized for this event. The lucky winner is Andrei Bîrgovan from Fălticeni, Suceava County. He won 1 x Lenovo Tab 2, 10” and promised us to continue playing Hooman Invaders tower defense game on it. Here are the steps he took in order to win the prize.


ASSIST Private Scholarships

As a result of our appreciation for excellent education in the premiere this year we launched the ASSIST Private Scholarships. At Open Doors ASSIST we had the pleasure to reward the first 2 students selected in collaboration with Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Faculty (FIESC) to receive the ASSIST Private Scholarship, in the total value of 4.000 lei. Due to their excellent academic results, they will receive 1.000 lei/month, during March – June 2017. The beneficiaries are Alexandru Teleagă, IV – Automatics and Applied Informatics, and Ionuț Alexandru Șiean, IV, Computers. We are happy to be an active part of the learning process of these talented tech students and we are sure they have a brilliant future ahead.


Special thanks to our partners

Every time it is a great pleasure coming back to Stefan cel Mare University. We highly value our strong collaboration with the representatives of this institution over time and special thanks to FIESC and FSEAP, particularly to Cristina Turcu and Prof.univ.dr. Doru Eugen Tiliute without whom none of this could have happened.
Special thanks to our partners: AIESEC in Suceava, FIRESCRadio USV, Monitorul de Suceava, VIVA FM, but also to the local media partners who helped us promote ASSIST Open Doors 2017 and were also close to us at the event, discussing with students and ASSIST representatives. 

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ASSIST Open Doors 2017 - Official Aftermovie

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