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ASSIST Biking Club pedaling for a noble cause

Wed, 01 Aug 2018

ASSIST Biking Club pedaling for a noble cause


At the beginning of August 2018, a group of four cyclists is going to start a supportive charity campaign named CONTOUR 100, for the children with autism in Romania. Their journey was born from the hope that they will change something in the sad fate of the children with autism. Therefore, they decided to make a wake-up call and bring awareness and information on a trail which follows the outline of Romania's borders. 

Sustaining their cause

On the 10th of August, the four ambassadors of the autistic children will pass through Suceava and ASSIST Software's Biking Club, along with other groups of cyclists, volunteered to welcome and sustain their cause. Therefore, in that day ASSIST biking club along with other bicycle enthusiasts will welcome the four bicycles from Adâncata, which is near the village, until the Shopping City Suceava parking lot, in a charitable purpose Bicycle parade.


In the parking of Shopping City Suceava will be organized a lot of activities meant to inform and teach all the people about the autism children situation and how to foster community integration. Moreover, one of the main organizers „Help Autism Association” will give information and will raise funds for the kids in need by selling lemonade. Also, in the same place will be organized sports competitions, various contests and of course, many other surprises.
At the end of the event, starting from the Shopping City Suceava parking lot, all the volunteers with a bicycle will be able to participate in a Bicycle parade which will end in front of Suceava House of Culture.

See you there!

The event will start at 10:30 and is announced to be full of surprises and empathy for the little one in need. Also, you need to know that every volunteer which will sustain this cause will be rewarded with a diploma and of course with the deep inside thought that through their participation they brought a light of hope for the children with autism.

Charity Parade Cycle Route:

10:30 – the departure from Suceava (Shopping City Suceava parking lot);
11:30 – welcoming the CONTOUR 100 team in Adancata;
12:00 - return to Suceava (Shopping City parking lot);
12:00 - 13:00 - competitions and sports activities;
13:00 - Bicycle parade (from Shopping City parking lot to Suceava House of Culture Esplanade);
14:30 -   Arrival at Suceava House of Culture Esplanade;
14:40 - The CONTOUR 100 team continues their course towards the exit to Câmpulung Moldovenesc;

In Suceava, this event is organized thanks to the involvement and support of Shopping City Suceava, Help Autism Suceava, ASSIST Software, Suceava pe Bicicletă, Vee Tire, Carrefour, Decathlon, Bar Show, Bucovina “I.G. Sbiera” Library, and Special Needs Parents Association.

ASSIST Biking Club pedaling for a noble cause




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