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The Lingua Attack mobile app is an extension of Lingua Attack, the online platform that helps users learn new languages with engaging lessons and games based on real-world material from thousands of video clips. In addition to English, the app also offers five other languages: German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Chinese, with new types of exercises for complete beginners, as well as new exercises for those who want to improve their accent.

The application is designed to help users improve their language skills and can be used both for autonomous learning as well as learning under the supervision of a language trainer or teacher.

Also, Lingua Attack keeps users engaged by offering different types of challenges and by employing a points system and awarding badges for various accomplishments.

The app also has offline capabilities; users can download the exercises and play them offline at any time.

In order to help the users improve their listening and pronunciation skills, we give them the possibility to listen to the pronunciation of the words and expressions they learn, by using the iSpeech service.

A challenge for us was to implement personalized dashboards for our users. The dashboard will suggest exercises and assignments for a user according to their preferences and level. 

Lingua Attack offers tests and the possibility to save and print certificates for those who want to test their language level. Also, if users come across a word/expression they do not know, they can long-press it to get a translation. The interface can be set to the user’s preferred language.


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