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ASSIST Software Celebrates Spring by Planting Trees

Fri, 16 Apr 2021

1. Introduction

Over the last few years, people around the world have been focusing on all kinds of activities to promote and encourage ecological actions in order to save and protect the environment. 
ASSIST Software has always been involved in these types of activities, with the purpose of supporting and protecting nature and the local community. Whether it’s donations campaigns, helping animals in the local shelters, blood donations or ecological activities (such as waste collection and tree planting), our team is always enthusiastic about getting involved.
One of these actions, which was initiated by ASSIST Software happened on the 10th of April 2021, when the team planted 1,500 trees in Adancata.


2. Go Green in Adancata

The Go Green initiative, which was launched by our team during the first wave of the pandemic in 2020, was adopted this year too, with many of our colleagues planting trees in their own gardens or nearby areas. 
Fortunately, in addition to the Go Green initiative, we also managed to organize a collective gathering in Adancata, where we successfully planted 1,500 oak seedlings. It was a great opportunity to welcome spring, meet with our colleagues and strengthen team spirit while enjoying the warm weather and fresh air. 
Because we want to positively influence those around us and promote giving back to nature and the community, we encouraged family members and friends to join us in this worthy cause.


3. Conclusion

Although it might not seem like a lot, we are certain that every little act will build up towards more substantial changes in favor of the environment and inspire others to take matters into their own hands. 
Therefore, we challenge each and every one of you, to plant at least one tree seedling in your community.  You won’t see the results immediately, but it is something worth investing in for the long term. 
We are grateful for the involvement of each member of our team, and we congratulate them for their dedication when it comes to contributing to the well-being of those around us, be they people, animals, or plants. 

“You can change a lot of things by doing small things!”






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