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ASSIST Software ”adopted” a mountain trail on Via Transilvanica

Mon, 05 Apr 2021

ASSIST Software Via Transilvanica traseu

ASSIST Software has officially become the “foster parent” for a part of the Via Transilvanica trail. Thus, the company joined forces with the Tășuleasa Social organization through the initiative of a few volunteers. These ASSIST members, in love with hiking, nature, and the promotion of a well-balanced lifestyle, are part of the ASSIST Sports Club. They were present at the introductory meeting held on the 13th of March in Bucovina.  

At the gathering, the representatives of the NGO Tășuleasa Social talked about how partners could best preserve the section of the trail they adopted. The hiking trail ASSIST is now responsible for is but a small fraction of the 1,400 kilometers that make up Via Transilvanica. ASSIST volunteers will take care of the route between Vatra Moldoviței and Sadova in the Bucovina region, which is close to the town of Suceava and ASSIST’s headquarters.  (You can check out the trail here: Traseu ( ASSIST’s milestones are SV041 and SV057) 

However, the full length of the trail starts at Putna and continues way beyond Sadova, traversing Transylvania and finally ending at Drobeta Turnu Severin, in the southern region of the country. Travelers that accept the challenge of hiking on Via Transilvanica must know that the trail welcomes them at any point and that the direction markers are already in place, waiting to be found.  

One of the project’s aims is to unite Bucovina and Transylvania and invite all those interested to discover the interesting cultural differences of the regions and the natural beauty of the surroundings. Tășuleasa Social’s challenge for ASSIST Software also includes maintaining the trail’s cleanliness, assuring that markers and milestones are intact and readable. 

ASSIST Sports Club volunteers will do this by employing the maintenance kits they receive. They will also help promote the project and the culture of the communities that live on the trail. In order to ensure the best possible hiking experience, they will take care of trail infrastructure and warn the authorities of Tasuleasa Social of the potential problems a tourist might have in the area and make sure the land and nature remains just as beautiful as it has always been. 

Just like the Tășuleasa Social organization, ASSIST Software’s values revolve around helping one another and wishing to showcase Romania’s cultural uniqueness while also being proactive in protecting the environment so that future generations can enjoy splendid landscapes free of pollution and/or destruction.  

Via Transilvanica is a project that has bonded high-profile companies together in an effort to preserve and expose Romania’s rich natural heritage and ASSIST Software is proud to have become an ally in this endeavor. The company promises to actively involve itself in maintaining the part of the trail it has adopted. 




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