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Social Game and More...

Zelgor is one of the many projects we're developing here, at ASSIST Software, and it consists in a social game in which you can conquer territories and (real-life) locations and also start (non-violent) fights with your friends or people around you. You start as a soldier in one of the two worldwide armies: "Orange team" and "Green team", and the main purpose is helping your team to grow and rule the entire world.

Game Concept

The initial concept of the game was to attack different enemies located around you on a real-world map and capture them in your team, but the game has evolved over time and now it's possible to conquer territories and attack locations, gaining more experience and goods with every action you take. The game is still in heavy-development state and I like to think about it as an extended version of Foursquare, but with some action and a more addictive approach. You will not be limited only in conquering venues, but even territories or other players. We have three minigames to be played every time you want to capture a player or conquer a location or territory, making the trivial mayorship in Foursquare more entertaining and funny.

Enjoy the Game

We also want to keep things simple - without intimidating the player with complex rules or algorithms - while still keeping the game funny and addictive, and by combining socialization with games (and subtracting bugs) I think we will make Zelgor a huge success - and you, the reader of these lines, will can say "hey, I know about this since it was a baby-project!".

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