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get in touch is a web application created to display dynamic, context-aware and timeline-based news showing what is happening in the world right now in an easy-to-use & intuitive interface.


I have recommended ASSIST Software to several CEO’s in the United States, and I continue to be thoroughly impressed with ASSIST’s skill and competency in front and back-end web development.  ASSIST demonstrates an unusual talent for comprehending startup web development needs, and throughout our project, ASSIST proved multiple times over, that they are masters in website design, complex database construction, Amazon Web Services architecture, and they possess deep software skills in all forms of coding. Our website is a highly dynamic, time-sensitive digital platform with many sophisticated moving parts, and ASSIST took on our project with complete professionalism, using all the right tools to make development across continents seamless, smooth and efficient. ASSIST has the aptitude, proficiency and experience to make website development a pleasure, and we look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

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