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Register for MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018!

Mon, 07 May 2018

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The MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018 competition will take place for the seventh time on June 9th, 2018 at Dragomirna, Suceava. This contest is organized by Monti Cond Serv and is addressed to all the people passionate about cycling and nature whether they are professionals or just people who want to have a unique experience with friends and family. 

In organizing this traditional contest, Monti Cond Serv collaborates with ASSIST Software as the main sponsor of the event and a promoter of the healthy movement and lifestyle. In this competition, the ASSIST Software company from Suceava will be represented by tens of outstanding cyclists, members of the ASSIST Biking Club, who enjoy notoriety among professionals.

The route proposed by the organizers this year, promises to be full of surprises and new challenges, both for children (> four years) as well as for the big ones eager for an unforgettable experience on two wheels. Therefore, Monticond Suceava and the partners of this event, supporters of cycling and healthy movement, invites you to join the most expected cycling competition in Bucovina.

From year to year, the event has a growing reach which shows us that the people who have participated in this contest have had a unique experience which is worth rethinking and shared with family and friends. Moreover, the organizers are launching an invitation to the young people who are eager to participate in new activities, to join the Monticond team as active volunteers in organizing this event. Registration forms can be found on the Monticond club site.

Curious to see the previous edition of MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST? Read more here or watch below the official aftermovie of MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2017 

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Within the Dragomirna MTB Marathon powered by ASSIST 2018, 4 routes will be prepared to match all age and training categories. Start and Finish will take place in Camping Dragomirna, near Dragomirna Monastery in Mitocul Dragomirnei commune, Suceava County.

1. Types of trails for MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018

  • The Long trail is about 50 km and crosses the forest roads around the Dragomirna Monastery, being suitable for those who have the courage to live a real biking adventure in the woods of Bucovina.
  • The Short trail, addressed to those who have a better training in the pedaling sages, the trail is about 35 km and crosses the forest roads through the forests around the Dragomirna Monastery.
  • The Kids trail, specially designed for children, with a length of about 4 km, has a small difficulty and the kids will definitely love this experience.
  • The Family trail will be about 14 km long and will be on forest roads, cobblestone or just earth, with nonexistent traffic. This route is specially created for family fun.

2. Subscriptions and participation fees

If you want to compete or be up to date with the event, you can do it by going to The participation fee is set at 80 lei, in the case of registration and payment made until the day of the competition for the Long and Short Trail, and 10 lei for a child who participates at Kids Trail. In the case of registration and payment made on the spot, on the day of the competition, the fee will be 100 lei.

The participation fee can be paid at the Monticond store (University Street, 29, Suceava Street) from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00 and on Saturdays between 8:00 and 14:00 or by bank transfer At Banca Transilvania, holder of the Monticond Club Sportiv, in account RO17 BTRL RONC RT02 5649 1601 (plus transaction fee - 4 lei).

Each participant at MTB Dragomirna powered by ASSIST 2018 will receive from the organizers a startup package that will include: timing, contest number, gripping necklaces, a bottle of water, nutrient stick, gel, a technical shirt, a  finish medal and other surprises.





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