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New challenge: Online Arena. Are you able to win?

Mon, 17 May 2021

Online Arena Event Announcement, fire battle

Treasure is waiting to be claimed in the world of Elly and the Ruby Atlas. You too could grab it if you play our free pirate mobile game and beat the scores of the other Arena players. Are you up for the challenge? 


The Elly and the Ruby Atlas team wants to celebrate with you the 100,000 downloads of our ad-free, free-to-play RPG mobile game set in the golden age of pirates! Thus, we are organizing our first Elly and the Ruby Atlas contest, which will be open to all those living in Romania (aged 14 and above). Prove your patience and skills by reaching the top of the Online Leaderboard of the Arena! 


We want to give back to our players! 

From the 25th-31st of May, an in-game event will take place and it will bring players actual prizes. Forget in-game gold! We want you to get more than that if you manage to impress us with your skills.  


What is the treasure? 

The Leaderboard’s first three places hold the following prizes: 


I - 50 euro Steam voucher + Elly and the Ruby Atlas T-shirt; 

II - 25 euro Steam voucher + Elly and the Ruby Atlas T-shirt; 

III - 10 euro Steam voucher + Elly and the Ruby Atlas T-shirt. 


Old players know the ropes but how do you compete as a new player? 

To compete in this special Leaderboard contest, you will need to download Elly and the Ruby Atlas for free from your preferred store (Google Play - / App Store iOS - ) and unlock the Arena feature by completing the intro and traveling for 12 in-game days. Once the island ”New Meridian” is available to your storyline, you can make it yours and thus gain access to the Online Arena Event.  


The Arena feature is a March addition to the game and the idea came about because the dev team wanted to explore another possibility of combat. However, it is not the only new feature! Since then, a Black Market and a Tavern have also been added to enhance the player experience and create more content to have fun with. Thus, we encourage you to check out the whole game, to enjoy the story, and the new features.  

To make sure that we have all your contact details and to check whether you are eligible for the event, you will need to register by filling out a five-question form.  


Registrations will open on the 17th of May and close on the 31st of May at 07:59 AM, which is when the Online Arena Leaderboard contest ends, allowing our team to confirm the winners later the same day. 

Be ready to start competing in the Arena on the 25th of May. We also recommend following the Facebook event page for tips and tricks and other announcements and to check the terms and conditions of the contest.  


Embark on this journey for a chance to win our prizes!  


Download Elly and the Ruby Atlas from here:



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