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Best Innovative Minds 2017

Fri, 22 Dec 2017

Best Innovative Minds ASSIST Software 2017 

Best Innovative Minds 2017, the most important internal competition within ASSIST Software was held on the 15th of December 2017 at ASSIST. Every year, many of our colleagues enroll in the competition with very innovative ideas of projects that can bring impact not only in our company but also in the society in general. The best three ideas chosen by the jury are awarded and appreciated by the company.

This year, the competition had two stages before the winners were actually decided. First of all, everyone in the company could subscribe their idea in the competition and then, first best 7 ideas were selected to be implemented as real prototypes in the final stage. The finalists presented their ideas and prototypes in the finals, in front of a jury formed by University teachers from Computer Sciences Faculty in Suceava and also by representative of ASSIST Software. 

This year, the passion for technology has taken on unprecedented forms, our colleagues astonishing the jury with functional prototypes of projects that are applicable in multiple fields: education, art, project management or social development. They worked in teams, used many technologies and gave their best to create interesting prototypes.
We congratulate all competitors for the exceptional results and the determination to turn their passions into real projects. We thank the representatives of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Suceava because this year they participated in the jury of the competition and contributed to the selection of the most innovative projects!

Six teams participated in the final, a total of 16 people.

The winners:

  1. First place - 4,000 lei

         Adrian Onu, Petru Cioată and George Mihai Grigore

  1. 2nd place - 3,000 lei

        Marian Pinzariu, Alex Baciu and Ionut Gradinaru

  1. 3rd place - 2,000 lei.

       Tudor Moldovan, Alex Pătrăucean and Cătălin Zambalic

Congratulations on the creative ideas and technically well-implemented projects!
We are proud of our large, innovative and enthusiastic team!




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