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ASSIST ”Stay Green” environment clean up in Ponoare Meadow

Wed, 26 May 2021

ASSIST Software strives to be an eco-friendly company. To achieve this self-imposed goal, frequent actions are taken to give back to the community and promote general environmental awareness.   

Through events such as the #GoGreen campaign where ASSIST employees and their families got together to plant trees, the adoption of a mountain trail on Via Transilvanica, and the most recent #StayGreen action, the company proved its interest in ecology and preservation. 

#StayGreen was an event held on the 22nd of May when over 20 company employees and family members gathered again and started greening the road next to the Ponoare Secular Meadow found in Suceava.   

However, ASSIST was not alone in this endeavor. We were happy to join forces with the Faculty of Silviculture, A.N.A.N.P.S.T. and the Settlement of Children St. Leontius from Rădăuți.  

In total, 60 people took part in the greening and gathered about 120 kilograms of trash and debris.    

“It is extremely important that we all understand the fact that we can’t continue littering. It’s the 21st century. We won’t be able to clean up all the litter from this area because it’s impossible to do that in half a day, but we want to draw attention to our action so that people would comprehend the true meaning of these actions and why it is important to maintain a clean environment,” said Ph.D. Associate Professor Gabriel Duduman, vice-dean of the Faculty of Silviculture. 

The students and children present at the event got a chance to learn more about the importance of such actions but also about the land and the Ponoare Meadow, a place where various flower species exist and bloom and where protected animal species have been spotted.   

At ASSIST, we believe that setting a good example means doing so actively, not only through donations and verbal support.  

We’re delighted that such events are organized in the community. It’s important that our children find great role models. We are happy that we can still find people who respect nature and take care of the environment here, in Bucovina,” stated Andrei Mocanu, priest at the Settlement of Children St. Leontius from Rădăuți. 

Cleaning the roads next to the reservation took less than three hours but the initiative will affect the landscape moving forward since normally, plastic items take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills, plastic bags take about 10-20 years to decompose, and plastic bottles take 450 years. Thus, staying #green is compulsory for everybody. 

ASSIST will surely continue to aid the fight against pollution, littering and global warming by educating, uplifting, and encouraging its community to be proactive when it comes down to environmental issues. #GoGreen and #StayGreen are only two of the many projects that ASSIST backs up actively and which will surely become a tradition within the company.   

Thank you to our partners for participating. It was a successful endeavor that reminds us nature deserves better from us.” (Călin Apetroaie, A.N.A.N.P.S.T. Suceava Head of Service.) 



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