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ASSIST Software won first prize for R&D and High-Tech at the National Top 2017

Sat, 11 Nov 2017

ASSIST Software first prize for R&D and High-Tech National Top of Romanian Companies 2017


ASSIST Software won first prize in the category of "Research, Development and High-Tech - Medium-sized Enterprises", at the event Gala "National Top of Romanian Companies 2017". The excellent results achieved by the ASSIST Software team over the past year have brought us the joy of being awarded at the "National Top 2017" Gala, organized by the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 9th of November 2017. 

Atfter 25 years of activity, ASSIST Software is one of the most important R&D companies in Southeastern Europe, but also in the field of providing complex hardware and software solutions. After winning the prize, Daniel Tănase, managing partner of the firm, stated that: "Ranking first on a national level is a novelty for us, since this classification is national, where the selection base is much higher. This prize is very encouraging and motivating for our entire team." said Daniel Tanase.

He emphasized that one of the company's most important activities is innovation and the very good results in this field are due to the team of specialists working at ASSIST Software. "It is very important fact that we have very young colleagues, the average being about 29 years old. We have a team of 132 specialists working for our customers, mostly from abroad. We must say that we have projects in which we are involved in the modern technologies, where great expertise and innovation are needed. We work in a lot of technologically advanced projects and our young team is able to find innovative solutions. I think this is the engine of the company." Daniel Tănase said.

He noted the support that this young team receives from his colleague and associate, Gheorghe David, who is in charge of the software development department. "I want to express my gratitude towards my colleague, Gheorghe David, who is guiding and mentoring our team of specialists." Daniel Tanase said.
This is  an important achievement for ASSIST Software and we believe that as long as we continue to work with passion, such rewards will continue to appear. We thank all those who have contributed to this success!

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