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ASSIST Software at the Mobile World Congress 2018. See how it was!

Mon, 05 Mar 2018

ASSIST Software at Mobile World Congress 2018


ASSIST Software was present at one of the biggest and most important worldwide tech conferences - Mobile World Congress, during February 26th – March 1st, 2018.     
At the Mobile World Congress 2018, Romania was represented by 13 companies, among which was our own firm, accompanied by one of our partners, STATSports, world-leaders in GPS performance monitoring and analysis for professional sports teams.

More than 2,400 companies showcased cutting-edge products and services, and more than 107,000 people attended the event. This helped our company become more visible and helped our colleagues who represented us meet potential clients but also expand their own vision and take advantage of all the information and knowledge that was being passed around the 120,000 square meters venue. 

One of our collegues, Alexandru Boca - Head of Mobile Development, shared his experience: „I noticed passion and devotion among all the companies who represented Romania. It is a special experience seeing how much dedication and effort is invested in building a succesful business.” 

Our exhibitor booth, together with the other 12 romanian companies, had a lot of help from the ARIES-TM team, which supported us and helped organize our booths. An important result of our trip to the MWC 2018 was a productive collaboration with the other romanian companies, meaning that after the first few days, we got to know each other and the products and services that each firm offered so we were able to facilitate a more swift and fruitful contact with the guests by redirecting them to the appropriate booth.

 This experience at World Mobile Congress 2018 helped us realize how important exposure is and how valuable the interactions with potential costumers can be for undestanding where the market is and how we can build a place within it for out own products and services.  





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