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ASSIST Software and Google Cloud's Partner Program

Mon, 05 Jul 2021

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In our efforts to better ourselves and learn continuously, we have established a sought-after partnership with Google Cloud. Through this collaboration, we are certain that it will be our utmost pleasure to work with various top-tier or newly established companies for the development of their business, proving once again that a Romanian company might just be the best suitor for all IT needs. 

The Google Cloud partnership fits us perfectly since it enables us to access resources and figure out the best innovative ways in which we can be of real aid to our clients, helping them with solutions that bring less complicated workflows and better usability of Cloud features.  

A major perk of this Cloud partnership is represented by the ability to access valuable resources, such as special Google Cloud training and certification courses. Google Cloud certifications validate one's expertise and showcase one’s ability to transform businesses with Google Cloud technology.  

Being up to date is vital in all aspects of our industry, but it is equally important to be able to have access to the right information and recommendations. The ability to read third-party, unbiased reports on Google Cloud strategy and portfolio is a much-welcomed partner advantage, that we will certainly employ.  

By focusing our activities toward developing complex software products, we at ASSIST Software provide consistent results in industries such as military, medical, pharma, IoT, resource planning, entertainment, manufacturing, and others. Our services range from Product Design and Consulting, Custom Software Development, Testing, and Validation to Team Augmentation, or other digital solutions tailored to business needs.   

This Google Cloud partnership is only one of our most esteemed collaborations. Over the years we have also partnered with companies all around the world including the US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, and others. Our clients, such as LimeLife, Uniphar, Perion, Ocrolus, and others, recognize us for our professionalism and dedication to deliver on time.   

We pride ourselves on our clients and their excellent feedback and hope to surpass expectations every time, every day. Pick ASSIST Software as the Romanian company to work with today on all your Google Cloud demands whether it is storage migration, integration of data sources, and much more. We do the work on infrastructure while you manage your insights comfortably with Google Cloud. ASSIST Software is the best Google Cloud partner for you.  



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