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Medix application is intended to be used in hospitals, clinics, practices, with different specializations, as well as in family medical practices. This application includes modules which are solving the main problems of each medical organization: management of consulting files, data flow automatization, consistence and coherence of data, recovering and fast reporting of information.


  • Provide your employees with the capability to access all the relevant information.
  • Ability to make better decisions regarding medical practice.
  • Reduction in required medical personnel.
  • Eliminated paper through process automation.


  • Application personalizing depending of department structure.
  • The system uses a unique database, which makes possible accessing data in network environment.
  • The user benefits of the same graphic interface, all the modules having used the same standard.
  • Full support for DICOM images, access to the DICOM dataset.
  • Data security is treated in a uniform way, user access rights being sett to the most detailed way: operations (visualization, modification, adding, deleting).
  • Full management on each type of activity.
  • Coherence and correctness for received, processed and transmitted data.
  • Increased speed in the processing of documents, accessing time's removing and of manual processed documents.
  • The data is stored and managed in complete safety.



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