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Second meeting of Comeet Plus Project

Mon, 14 Nov 2016

Here we are at the 2nd Partners’ Meeting of COMEET Plus Project held in rainy yet so full of life city of Amsterdam. Starting off from where we left in the previous meeting we believe that our rate of progress has increased significantly, and we all achieved a common agreement on the things that will follow in the future.

Our meeting was divided in two days and as it follows here are some things that we talked about:

On our first day we made a recap on what was discussed last time and what Assist delivered in that time. We presented the web interface and the progress that was made to the whole team and worked on what should we improve and what is needed to change in the Course structure in order to fit properly in the platform. An agreement was achieved from both parties regarding all content and structure so we moved on to planning on the next day. (not before meeting for a delicious dinner where we got to know each other better)

Following the second day where a plan for the rest of the year was made and scheduled the future meetings, what needs to be delivered from both parties. Basically, we made a comprehensive diagram with a calendar in it:

Second meeting of Comeet Plus Project

As a conclusion, Amsterdam was a great place for this round of meetings and we believe in the progress that is made and continues to rise.





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