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The Fifth ASPIRE Project Meeting in Suceava

Mon, 11 Jun 2018

5th ASPIRE Technical Meeting in Suceava - ASSIST Software 2018

On 6th June, ASSIST hosted the fifth technical meeting of ASPIRE project.

We are already in the middle of the project and the focus was on the status of the project and deliverables. Currently, all the features from the software were delivered and we are in the testing and validation stage, this being an interactive process between ASSIST and IKnowHow. 

During the meeting, all the partners discussed the status and result of the testing and were established the further actions points for all partners.

Our partner from IKnowHow, Greece, presented the latest version of the software. Based on the feedback from all partners was decided to make some further changes to the software to be more useful and easy to use for customers. 

We also discussed the next steps in the project steps and the most important are about commercialization and licensing. We will consider these topics in the next meeting that was scheduled in July and will be hosted by IKnowHow in Athens.





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