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COMEET Plus Final Meeting in Brusseles

Mon, 25 Sep 2017

The last ComeetPlus transnational meeting took place between 20-21 Of September 2017 at Brusseles. AEDE, our host, organized the final conference that took place at ATHENEE GATTI DE GAMOND  to disseminate the results of our project. All partners took part in it. We had the chance to count on the participation of three guest speakers, Anna Laura Orrico from Italy, and Laurent Marchesi and Elin McCallum from Belgium. The focus of the roundtable was to share different perspectives of entrepreneurship education: EU level, formal and non formal education backgrounds.
The audience was composed of regional representatives from different countries (Spain, Denmark, France, etc.), one representative of the REPER (Representation of the Spanish government in Brussels), but also teachers, parents and policymakers.

Comeet Plus

Comeet Plus

The second day, during the meeting we discussed final thoughts about the project and the steps to be done until the end of the project. 




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