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BGame Project Final Transnational Meeting and Conference

Wed, 27 Sep 2017

On 21-22 September, the last transnational meeting of the BGame project was hosted by FyG Consultores in Valencia. During this meeting we approached activities regarding the project finalization and dissemination.

On the first day we evaluated the platform to ensure its quality and the feedback received from users. Also, we prepared for the final conference that was held same day in the afternoon at wayCO - Valencia.

The conference started with a round table on "Gamification in Entrepreneurial and Business Education" with some special invitees:

  • Aristóteles Cañero – Director of PEAKS Business School.
  • Isidre March – Director of the Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies and Creator of the online platform Innova Avant.
  • José Vicente Villaverde. President of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Valencia.
  • Tomás González Cruz. Professor of Strategic Direction and expert in Gamificación applied to the company

The conference continued with the presentation of the BGame project, dedicated to the creation of a Strategic Game of Business Simulation.

During the second day, we discussed about the final activities duet o end of project, about dissemination and communication of the project.





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