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The 3rd Technical Meeting of BLADESAVE project

Tue, 10 Jul 2018

On 3th of July, ASSIST hosted the 3rd Technical Meeting of BLADESAVE project.
We are already in the middle of the project and the focus was on project status, deliverables and the periodic report. So, an in-depth review of each work package and deliverable was made.

The meeting started with an overview of all work packages, previous actions, and deliverables. Currently, the project is in software testing and validation stage, an interactive process between TWI, EWT, Smart Fibres, and ASSIST. So, the status and result of the testing was in-depth analyzed and were established the further actions points for all partners. Some modifications for commercial application and system fine-tuning was discussed also.

The meeting finalized with a review on next actions on system demonstration and quality work packs, also a financial review, the periodic report and the project calendar for future activities. We also concluded to have the next consortium meeting hosted by Renewable Advice on 4th of December, 2018.

BLADESAVE 3rd Technical Meeting in Suceava - ASSIST Software




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